5 Effective Ways to Train Kids To Use The CyberSpace Safely | TheWiSpy

How to Train Kids to Use CyberSpace Safely?

1- Talk About Cyber Dangers:

2- Tell Your Kids How To Secure Their Personal Information:

3- Discuss Malware and Phishing Attacks:

4- Teach Them to Respect the Internet Audience:

5- Develop a Habit to Ask Permission Before Installing New App:

Tips for Parents to Create Safer Online Environment for Kids:

  • Put Desktop in Common Room of the House
  • Keep Check on the Browsing History
  • Set Some Rules Regarding Internet Usage
  • Ask Your Children about Their Online Friends
  • Monitor Online Activities of Your Children

Bonus — TheWiSpy Kids Monitoring App:

  • Listen to Call Recordings
  • Read SMS
  • Monitor Social Media
  • Listen to Surround Recordings
  • Track GPS Location
  • Geo-Fence Localities
  • Spy on Multimedia



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David H. Williams

David H. Williams

David is a passionate Content Producer and Marketer. His keen interest in latest Tech, Apps, Parenting, and LifeStyles. Now working with SolutionSurface Agency.